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At Sexeclinic we understand that women have particular needs when it comes to maintaining their best health. This belief informs the design and mission of our medical practice, and it is why we work so hard to provide our patients with comprehensive gynecological health care services throughout all stages of their lives, from the beginning of their reproductive years and through menopause.

With that purpose in mind, Sexeclinic offers a wide range of medical gynecology services that cover everything from basic annual exams to highly specialized treatments for specific gynecological disorders. So no matter what kind of care a woman needs, she will be able to access exceptional and personalized health services with us.

Annual Gynecology Treatment Services

It is very important that women receive yearly gynecological examinations. These routine tests are a crucial part of maintaining and monitoring overall gynecological health, and they also check for certain medical conditions that may go otherwise undiagnosed.

Our annual gynecological services include:

Birth Control Services

Woman Discussing Birth Control with GynecologistChoosing a particular method of birth control is a very personal decision, and with so many different contraception options available to women today, it can feel like an overwhelming task. However, women who get their gynecological care at Sexeclinic can expect our doctors and physician assistants to take time to discuss which birth control options are the best fit for your lifestyle, personal goals, and physical health. Our gynecologists also offer consultation regarding and administration of the HPV vaccination with Gardasil.

Managing Menopause & Healthy Aging Through Gynecology

A woman’s health care needs change throughout her life, and aging well is an important part of health and happiness. We offer gynecological services specific to menopause and healthy aging, including:

Some women suffer from gynecological conditions that require specialized services. Our experienced obstetrician/gynecologists can diagnose and treat most gynecological disorders in the privacy and comfort of our offices, including:

Personal, Private & Safe Gynecological Care

The obgyns and staff at Sexeclinic consider it a privilege to help the women in our local community lead healthy lives. We also believe in providing easy access to medical services that prioritizes individualized care and always keeps patient privacy and comfort in mind, no matter what their health needs may be.

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